Making your House a Home: Decluttering and Other Useful Hacks

You might have found yourself craving for space lately; space in your home that is. When your home begins to feel like it’s bordered with walls, that’s the time when you have to make an inventory of things to save and things to dispose.

What can you remove and what can you keep? Here’s a list of what you can do.

In the Bedroom: Remove Bulky Items
Anything you’ve got in your bedroom that removes space from your bed—chunky pillows, bed sheets you don’t need—you need to remove it. It will give you more space and freedom as well. The aim here is to get healthy and complete sleep.

In the Bedroom: Remove gadgets
Gadgets have only been a part of people’s lives more recently but they are distractions. Distractions you don’t need. Studies have said that using gadgets before you sleep impedes peaceful sleep, so you should leave these in the living room.

The Laundry: Use wall-mounted drying racks
It’s a great idea, if you’re going to look at it. Most of the time, where do you keep traditional clothes racks? In a space in the corner. With wall-mounted racks, you can only have them out when you’re hanging clothes. Best of all, you’re going to have a lot more space for other uses.

In the Living Room: Repurposed Spice racks
Have more than your useful share of spice racks? There are other things you can do if you recycle them. Spice racks can be repurposed to hold other things, like books, decorations, or any other items you have that may fit in them.

In the Study Room: Drawer and Plank
If you’ve got an excess of drawers lying around, search for a sturdy plank to place across. There’s nothing like creating a new material out of things just lying around. It’s also a cheap way of having a new table without buying one.

If you’ve got a surplus of things just lying around, bring them out and don’t just trash them. It’s a way of making sure you’re still using things you’ve brought—just in a creative way.